matting (uncountable)

  1. mats, a collection of ground coverings
    • 1846, Herman Melville, Typee
      His departure oppressed me with melancholy, and, re-entering the dwelling, I threw myself almost in despair upon the matting of the floor.
  2. coarse fabric, of the kind used to make mats
    • c. 1771 James Cook, First Voyage Round the World
      ... the sails are of Matting and are made narrow at the head and Square at the foot,...
      Besides Cloth they [Tahitians] make several different sorts of matting, both better and finer than any we have in Europe; the stuff they make it on is the Produce of the Palm tree.
  3. a dull surface, often used for surrounding pictures; matte

7 letters in word "matting": A G I M N T T.

No anagrams for matting found in this word list.

Words found within matting:

ag agin ai aim ain ait am ami amin an ani ant anti at att gain gait gaitt gam gamin gan gant gat gi giant gin git gnat in it ita ma mag magi main man mang mani mat matin mating matt mattin mi mig mina ming mint mitt mna na nag nam nat nim nit ta tag tai tain taint tait tam tamin taming tan tang tangi tanti tat tatin ti tig tin ting tint tit titan titman